April 8, 2016

Book Editing

Never ever use repetitious redundancies.”

—William Safire


The Right Editor for YOU!

A lot of writers select their editors based on recommendations from  other writers, asking, “Were you pleased with who you used?”

It is important to realize that not all editors do all genres–some may excel in business books, others in mystery/thriller/crime stories. Just because another writer had good results does not mean their editor will work well on your memoir, or how-to, or Christian book, for example.

An author should not just publish a book, but make the book more marketable and saleable. When authors, especially those publishing with a small press or self-publishing, put their blood, sweat, and tears—and lots of money into making their dream come true–their book should be the best it can be.

The writer/editor relationship is a most important one, based on trust—and often your gut reaction to whether you can work well together. Connie brings years of editing experience and knowledge to your book.

I was creating a book while recovering from a brain injury, and didn’t think it would ever be possible — until I met Connie! I have to give her major credit for making my book a reality. Her editing skills made my blog-posts-turned-book seem flawless, and compelling to read. She was very accommodating with her editing style and held my hand every step of the way, all while reassuring me that it would turn out splendidly. I have already recommended Connie’s editing services to several of my friends who are interested in writing books!

– Amy Zellmer, Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding the Road Back to Normal

Here’s How the “Cost Estimate” Works

Editing Fee: Making it easier for authors to determine their total cost, here are two ways you can determine an estimated cost of my editing fee.

1)    Per page–instead of an hourly rate, my editing fee can be based on $5.50 a double-spaced manuscript page (350-400 words on average)


2)    Per hour– based on editing about 3500 words per hour X $55 hourly editing fee. Multiply the per page rate x number of pages and you have your cost for one time through. Then you make the corrections suggested, and I edit it again, making sure the final draft is clean and strong.


Process: Editing using the “tracking” tool on a Word .doc is preferable as it saves the author time, and also makes it easy to make changes, comments, or suggestions. If you prefer, I can edit hardcopy.


Turnaround Time: Depends on my workflow. Pre-scheduling your project “Gives it Priority!”