April 19, 2016

Business Needs

The Right Words for Your Business!

Most businesses can do an excellent job of writing about the important things that must be said about their product/service—and the content is 85% right.

It is the 15% that can make or break the message: clarity, focus, word usage, persuasive language, accuracy of message, client-focused content. You get the idea.

You will save time and money—and I’ll help get the project off your desk and making you money.

—Connie Anderson, copywriter and editor since 1985

Our Advantage:

It’s our ability to listen, ask good questions, and really hear what the client says.  We communicate for the client in words and ways they would say it. And, we get it done!

Clear, concise messages—that’s what our clients value and the readers (prospects) want—on time and on budget.

Type of projects we specialize in, giving quick turnaround:

  • Blogs (write and/or edit)
  • Articles (write and/or edit)
  • Website copy (write and/or edit)
  • Personal bios/profiles (write and update and/or edit)


Connie Anderson is an excellent and resourceful writer. I appreciate her ability to consistently turn vague concepts into well-written articles of 500–600 words. Her work needs very little editing. She is always professional, easy to work with and on time.

           —Tom Nangle, CEO, LunaBed LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can an editor help a business owner?

A:   If you choose to have everything written by internal people, an outside editor can help make sure that the copy is clear and accurate.  Her second pair of eyes will read the copy as your prospects or clients do.  This is true of letters, proposals, sales sheets, articles, newsletters, etc.  Refer to question below to understand how when YOU write about your business, you may use the wrong focus and words.

Q:   What is the biggest mistake that a business makes when writing about its service/product?

A:   This is a 3-part answer, each one equally important.

1) Too often they focus on features and forget to tell the benefits. Your statements need to be balanced.

2) Overuse of the word WE (we did this/that) instead of YOU, as in client-focused content.

3) Thinking that only THEY can write about their business—no one else knows it as well as they do–and then they find an employee to write the copy.

Q:  I need a bio about myself for my marketing. Can you help me?

A:  Certainly. A good profile should make the reader feel they have selected the right person to trust with their money or health or whatever.

Q: How do you charge?

A: My work is based on time:

  • Editing $45 per hour on business-type work
  • Editing $55 per hour for book manuscript
  • Writing $80 per hour, or pre-determined project fee