Why I Offer FREE Samples of My Editing

If what you write has never been edited, it can be quite shocking and somewhat demoralizing. You think you’ve done a great job, and then some editor marks up your manuscript.

If you have been part of a critique group that took a little too much joy in beating you up for your writing, you know that feeling of not wanting ANYONE to see your writing, ever again.

In order to have the BEST final product, you need a trusted professional editor as part of “your team” to review every word you write. In addition to punctuation, grammar and word usage, the editor will ask questions and make suggestions, such as eliminating overused words.

Together, you will end up with the best book possible.

I offer a free editing sample of YOUR WORK. If that interests you, send me 6 double-spaced manuscript pages, allow a week and I will return it “all marked up.”

I look forward to being your editor.